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Get the Support You Need

Do you need a little help? Looking for accurate, relevant information? Could you use some advice from a professional in the field of elder services?

Contact me to talk about the services and support I can offer you and your loved ones.

UPDATE: During the COVID-19 coronavirus quarantine, I can offer for seniors in Greater Boston:

  • daily check-ins (over the phone!),
  • needs assessments,
  • problem-solving using local resources & connections, and
  • general crisis assistance.

My specialty is helping seniors with family who live far away or are unable to help because of other obligations and personal situations. I’m intimately familiar with the many services and supports for seniors in Greater Boston and can offer personal reassurance and peace of mind in this stressful time. Please call or email me for an initial conversation and to register as a client.

Outside of these unusual circumstances, I also offer to clients in Greater Boston:

  • Case management & care coordination for seniors and frail elders
  • Support groups
  • Remote caregiver services: check-ins, observations, comprehensive assessments, and updates for loved ones who aren’t able to visit as often as they’d like to
  • Therapy and counseling for individuals, couples, and families
  • Health care support: medical escort services, appointment companionship / note–taking, health care proxies, decision-making consultations, and health care advocacy
  • Trusted responsibilities, such as bill paying, financial transactions, and confidential communications / negotiations
  • Facilitation of legal transactions, including guardianship, conservatorship, estate planning, and retirement planning
  • Safety consultations, including assessments, home modification referrals, residential placement, and protective services referrals if necessary (including protection from self-harm or self-neglect)
  • Coverage for essential daily tasks, such as errands, transportation, cleaning, personal care, home maintenance, and other in-home services
  • Clinical supervision for LCSW-level practitioners

You don’t need to know it all—
and you are not alone!

Let’s talk about how I can help you and your family navigate this new path on your journey.